The two sides of the same coin..


Life is an irony, isn’t it? We pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy a pair of shoes that hurt our feet, just because that’s what everyone wears. We dine at restaurants that serve average food at small quantities for an exorbitant price, because it’s considered cool to dine at a place like that. It is ironic, because in the world, there exist two complete contrasts. There are people who splurge in the name of brand, and then, there are people who work day and night just so they can fill their stomach. People who have access to all the sources necessary to accumulate knowledge and yet don’t, and people who can only dream about going to college to pursue their subject of interest. Sounds unfair, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder, how many of us even realize our folly? Do we even stop to think how blessed we are? There is so much we can do with what we have. Can’t we all just share what we have and make this world a better place? I do realize that ranting about how this world is an unfair place isn’t going to make any difference, but I’m just thinking out loud here because I’m equally guilty of all that I mentioned.

The 5000₹ that you spent on a pair of jeans? Well, 5 people could have clothed themselves using that amount. The 2000₹ that you paid in that gourmet restaurant? 20 people could have had a square meal at a normal restaurant with that money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pampering ourselves a bit, for, life is to live joyously. But when we lose the moderation, it becomes dangerous.

Giving need not necessarily imply materialistic things. Yes, it would be amazing if you can provide people with a roof above their head, clothes to keep them warm and food to fill their stomach. But it needn’t necessarily begin or end there. Like they say, “Most often, the smallest things matter the most”. There are so many things that wont cost us a penny, but, have the potential to make a huge difference in someone’s life. How much effort does it take to smile at the people who serve us, to give someone our time and listen to what they have to share, to just love and respect people for who they are? Not much.

Compassion. That’s what we need. We are all one and the same, born out of the same material, into this world. We are all connected by our souls. By helping you, I would be helping myself, because you are nothing but an extension of me and I am nothing but an extension of you.

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