Rising from the ruins..


Does anything at all possess a character of its own? What if qualities are not inherent entities? Maybe they only come into existence when they are perceived to exist. We are all of the notion that people and things carry within themselves a concrete set of characteristics. It is thought that no object can be viewed as the object is, but only as the viewer is. In line with that perspective, a person is neither the image we create in our mind nor the image they create in theirs. We consider these to be mere interpretations that lie far from the reality.

But the real question is: Does reality, in this case the authentic image of the person, exist at all? Is there an actual “truth”? Do the concrete set of characteristics exist or are those too merely ideas conjured by our minds? There could be nothing such as “what they actually are”. Could it be that only our perceptions of an object’s qualities exist and not the qualities themselves? Maybe nothing holds any meaning until we create one and give it to something.

Is that how it is with life? It holds no real meaning by itself. There is nothing that you “need” to do in life. Everything that we ever hear, the “should”s and the “should not”s are all man-made. Society and societal roles are but constructs created over the centuries by human beings like you and me. Predefined purposes do not exist. The purpose of your life becomes whatever you define it to be. And you realize that, Life itself is amorphous, assuming any form that you want it to take.

Somehow we fail to see the abundance of freedom available for our utilization. Nothing needs to be dictated by the society. You can create your own structure and the functions that you operate on. You can pick  the values that you build your life around. You can choose the anchor that supports you or you can choose to not have an anchor at all. Anything and everything is possible!

Most opt to blindly adhere to religion and other pre-existing paths without questioning their credibility. The reason being, it is that much more difficult to decide for yourself, how you want your life to be and what you want to do with it. It requires immense strength to take hold of the reins and steer your life towards whichever direction you want to take it to.  Because that would mean taking responsibility for your choices and actions, especially when everything comes crashing down. Instead, most find it easier to give up all control and make anything but themselves, (read: supernatural forces), responsible for their life events. They refuse to even acknowledge the question, the possibility of flaws in the existing societal structure. They continue sleepwalking through life, deluding themselves into thinking that certain obligations exist. Eyes closed with obstinate determination, they end up repeatedly doing things simply because they are comfortable to do so.

The others who refuse to be blinded by the absurdity of it all, suffer the worst. Some of us search our whole lives hoping to chance upon the answer to life, without discovering it. Or maybe the answer itself is in understanding that there is no answer. Maybe objectivity is just a tool we created to support us and keep us grounded. Even right and wrong becomes subjective. And nothing is absolute.

This awareness is accompanied by a sense of loss. You throw away all the beliefs that acted as your crutches. You lose balance. You fall further and further without anything to hold onto. The life that you had built disintegrates, piece by piece, until nothing remains. And once it has all been destroyed, there is peace. The initial emptiness transitions into a new-found liberation. You can fill the vast empty canvas with anything you desire. In the end, it isn’t going to matter anyway, because nothing is significant. And instead of it making you feel apathetic towards life, it finally sets you free.