Musings by the sea..


The view was mesmerizing. Almost felt as though, the waves grew hands and grabbed one’s attention refusing to let go. It was one of those moments that made you aware of the intimate relationship that bliss and sadness share – when beauty makes you sad.

Something as beautiful as that, makes you realize how alone you actually are. It makes you sad because you can’t spend the rest of your life staring at it. It makes you sad because there is just so much beauty that, you cannot possibly contain all of it alone. This is the kind that needs to be shared.

It felt like being at the right place with the wrong people. When every inch of your being craves for meaning. When you wish for every word uttered into the air to resonate with nothing but honesty, for every ring of laughter to be filled with nothing but joy and for every glance that ever falls on another to be drenched in nothing but love. When it feels like you’re the only one feeling all of these things, it makes you terribly sad.

But most of all I think it makes you sad because you come to realize you belong to the sea, the wind and everything else that could never speak, more than you will ever belong amidst these strangers around you.