Tunnel vision..

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Each one of us has an anchor. An idea that keeps us grounded, amidst the madness we live in. The one thing that we turn back to when all else fails to make sense. Survival would be close to impossible without one.

Our circumstances and experiences chisel every edge of this anchor. Whether or not it exists merely in our minds becomes irrelevant. We are ready to overlook the fact that we base our whole life upon postulates of an arbitrary nature. And concepts that are, if you actually think about it, nothing but unprovable convenient assumptions.

Love, God, Religion, Karma, and all other philosophical ideas fall under this category of anchors. There is a huge possibility that these are just illusions. We intentionally delude ourselves into thinking they are real. There exists within each one of us, an inexplicable urge to mindlessly believe in something. A need, to pour all of ourselves into an abstract concept, to keep us whole.

To believe in what seems appealing will always be easier than to face the uncomfortable truth. The truth that we just live in a chaos where nothing makes sense. Our struggles, pain, happiness, success, hold no real meaning. Our ego would never allow the thought that we might be just a blip. A tiny inconsequential occurrence. We want our actions to be of some significance. So we pick up all that’s visible to our limited vision and knit our own theories. We tell ourselves that we need to work hard and go places. We go one step further and lie to ourselves that the world needs us and that we need to change the world and its ways. But we don’t have the courage to ask ourselves, “What is the point?”. We are born, we live, we die. When we cease to exist, we stop mattering to the world. There might be no purpose behind human life. But this again is just another theory without evidence. A hypothesis. For some, unknowingly this become their anchor.

Some questions will never find the answers. Some conundrums will remain unsolved mysteries. The thing is, we all know that we’d probably never find this universal truth that we’re searching for. Even if we discover something that we claim to be the truth, we would never be able to back it up with sufficient evidence. Any sign of understanding the laws that govern this world is purely an illusion. Our human perception is too limited to see the whole picture, if such a thing even exists. Maybe, the only truth is that nothing is true. Could it be that, everything that we believe to be objective and rational, all the inferences that humanity has drawn so far, are colored by our skewed vision of reality? The gap between “what is” and “what we see it to be” is probably too huge. Our vision is a distorted one. And yet we go on, hoping to understand this mess of a life. Maybe if everything was on display, it would no more be of any interest for us to continue living. For some of us, it is the enigma of life that keeps us alive. We keep walking, silently observing and taking in as much as our minds can contain, questioning and wondering. And this becomes our anchor – speculations that give rise to the question “Why?”.

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