Someone once asked me what depression and anxiety feels like.

It feels like being thrown into a strong ocean current without a warning. You struggle gasping for breath. One thousand thoughts per second. Everything is happening too fast, a flurry of motions. Your lungs beg for air but only water fills it to the brim. Sheer desperation takes over. All that you want right now is to lift and float away, but the reality is too heavy, not to sink. You reach a point where your struggles become half-hearted attempts at survival. Because you know what a foolish thing it is to try and swim against the current. You give in to the water that starts consuming you greedily. You know not if you will see the light of tomorrow. The future seems hazy, if not impossible. Was it wrong that you stopped fighting? Should you let the waves take you with the flow? You might end up on the shore. But then again, you might end up drowning too.


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