A letter of love..

Dear Me,

There will be times when you feel an overwhelming sense of doom. You’d feel alone. You’d feel weak and think that you can do this no more. You might even want to quit this game called Life. And it is exactly at times like that, you need yourself the most. You need to be there for you. Give yourself some love. If you don’t, who will?

Remind yourself of the plenty other storms that you survived and the dark nights that you braved. This too will be gone, in just a matter of time.

It is funny that, for someone who analyses everything so deeply, you undervalue a lot of your own attributes. You don’t realize it yet, but you’re brave.
You’re brave not because you don’t cry. You’re brave not because you never fall.
You’re brave because you cry, you fall, you weep, you crawl but you never give up on this thing called life. You’re brave because you get back up and fight.

“Liberation comes from knowing that existential aloneness is your true nature” – Voice Ra.

Nobody accompanied you when you came into this world. And no one will, when you leave. During the course of life, you will be surrounded by people. You will find kind and compassionate human beings who will love you and stand by you. But no one can stay till the end. No one, but you, is going to be there for you through every stage of life. It is you who will be there when you get your heart broken. It is you who will be there when you’re left to deal with loss. It is you who will be there when you fall sick. It is you who will be there when you fail.

People can provide you with food, feed you and even empathize with the pangs in your stomach. Try as they might, they can neither feel your hunger nor eat for you. “The sad truth about life is, people can comfort you and be there as a support but they cannot feel your pain. Your pain is your own. And therefore, no one else will truly understand your pain”.

Most people will play the role of spectators in your life, merely observing and commenting. Some will be the cheerleaders, encouraging you and supporting you all the way. Very few will take up the position of a coach, guiding you based on the lessons from their own experiences. But neither the spectators, nor the cheerleaders nor the coach, can play the game. Only you can play the game. It’s the same with life. You alone can live your life and you alone will truly understand what it means to be “you”.

So, the next time you feel alone, and you are in need of a compassionate companion, go look in the mirror. There, I promise, you will find your only true best friend, looking back at you.

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